“I ended up with a beautiful home, exactly what I wanted, and didn’t miss out on anything. Instead of a stressful nightmare that some others go through with building a new home, it was an absolute doddle with Teri. So easy… hands-off.”

The need

Like a lot of people, Shona Ansell wasn’t sure whether to build or buy. Her existing house was single storey, but she wanted two stories to expand and get a view. Having a busy full-time job, she didn’t want a time and energy-consuming saga.

She came across Teri through family connections and put her situation to him for advice and help. His answers were convincing and she took him on board…

The project story in Shona’s words

“Teri was very collaborative and flexible, putting together the best of my ideas and his. He took plenty of time with me to think things through so we got everything right with layout.

Teri and the architect gave me the idea of split-levels to add extra dimension and character, and I really liked it. He also recommended louvres that gave excellent ventilation and didn’t hinder my view. Something I wouldn’t have thought of.

His expertise and value judgement was really appreciated with such dedication to detail, having been a builder himself; and being up with the industry, having the knowledge and contacts.

He picked a great team of tradies, not necessarily the cheapest. Apart from doing quality work and not ‘just another job’, the builder, plumber, tiler, and others were nice and easy to deal with – never too much trouble to answer my questions. Almost like a family.

I just did what he asked me to do – ‘go to the tiler and pick your tiles’… ‘go to the joiners and pick your window frame and glass colours’. Rather like putting pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

I really appreciated Teri’s honesty and integrity. It was so good having that trust when so much is at stake on a house project. Otherwise I’d have no idea if I was being ripped off or not.

Teri thought ahead to avoid problems down track. When the shower trays arrived, he said he wasn’t happy with their quality, as they could cause problems with cracking the tiles that went on top of them – something I would never have picked up – until a couple of years down track! So he recommended a slightly more expensive option which would be much better in the long run.

Communication was brilliant with a weekly report and explanation of any problems and what was being done about it. He kept me in the loop all the way – until the house was finished to my satisfaction.”

The end result

“Teri gave me my dream home, not just a house… a perfect solution. He has a real passion for what he does and the end result shows it. Getting him in was money super well spent – the best thing I did, with benefits far out-weighing the cost.

I recommend Teri to others whenever I get the chance.”

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